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Seawater Spa Quiberon

Pure Wellness

One week to slim on a lasting basis
Everything converges at the Sofitel Diététique to see that you retrieve your figure. This programme is a real strategy aimed at slimming and re-sculpting your silhouette. The treatments are all designed to drain and remodel, sport helps you to invigorate your body, while full-board meals introduce you to diet-based gastronomy and the pleasure of a personalized plan. A team backed by over 40 years of expertise in the field accompanies you every day. Nutrition doctors, dieticians, physiotherapists, hydrotherapists and sports coaches help you to eliminate your unwanted kilos and adopt a well-balanced and sustainable lifestyle. Treatments are programmed mornings and afternoons. This programme, with diet-based full-board meals, is reserved for guests staying at the Sofitel Diététique.

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14 thalassotherapy and spa destinations in France, Italy, Marocco and Bahrain:
Seawater Spa Le Touquet, Seawater Spa Dinard, Seawater Spa Quiberon, Seawater Spa Île d'Oléron, Seawater Spa Biarritz, Seawater Spa Hyères, Seawater Spa Fréjus
Seawater Spa Gulf of Ajaccio, Seawater Spa Timi Ama, Seawater Spa Capovaticano, Seawater Spa Kalidria, Seawater Spa Essaouira, Seawater Spa Agadir, Seawater Spa Bahrain Zallaq

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