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Seawater Spa Quiberon

Slimming Programmes

Our entire team of experts − from our chef and treatment staff to our fitness coaches and dieticians − is dedicated to helping you reach your weight loss goals. All our slimming programmes include full-board accommodation with light and tasty meals that appeal to all your senses.
Your treatment and exercise programme will be 100% personalised to fit your chosen option. And our individual 'Expert' appointments will give you a chance to get long-term advice tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

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14 thalassotherapy and spa destinations in France, Italy, Marocco and Bahrain:
Seawater Spa Le Touquet, Seawater Spa Dinard, Seawater Spa Quiberon, Seawater Spa Île d'Oléron, Seawater Spa Biarritz, Seawater Spa Hyères, Seawater Spa Fréjus
Seawater Spa Gulf of Ajaccio, Seawater Spa Timi Ama, Seawater Spa Capovaticano, Seawater Spa Kalidria, Seawater Spa Essaouira, Seawater Spa Agadir, Seawater Spa Bahrain Zallaq

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