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Getting yourself ready

What do I need to bring?

See here the essentials you need for a truly pleasant stay:

- 2 swimsuits: one to wear during therapy (pool, aquatic circuits, aquagym) and another kept dry to wear after therapy. For men, only bathing trunks are allowed.

- For therapy, a disposable undergarment will be provided in your booth.

- Slip-proof sandals, as shoes are not allowed inside the institute.

- Sports gear to take advantage of the free-access fitness room.

- Casual wear and comfortable shoes to walks by the sea, ideal to make the most of the benefits of sea air.

- Your medical files.

What will I find on site?

We will be pleased to provide you with:

- 1 bathrobe, towels and swimming cap and bag.

- Sandals (complimentary for your first one-week stay).

In our shop*, we also offer: swimsuits and swimming caps, sandals, beauty products, clothes and books to enjoy during your stay.

* Depending on destination. For details, please contact directly the establishment where you will be staying.

How do I get ready for my stay?

To enjoy your stay to the full and maximize therapy benefits, we advise you to:

- take time out to carefully plan your trip, to arrive on site relaxed and refreshed, ideally the evening before,

- as far as possible try to free your mind of day-to-day concerns so you can devote yourself entirely to your own well-being throughout your stay,

- prepare for Slimness therapy programmes by gradually adjusting – balancing – your diet over the 2 or 3 weeks prior to arrival.

Some programmes include physical or sports activities. You will also have the possibility to use a fitness and body-building room, together with the free-access pool.

What really matters is for you to be in a perfect frame of mind, prior to your arrival, to optimize your well-being during your stay and make the most of the therapy and activities on offer.

In short, get ready to let us take care of you.

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15 thalassotherapy and spa destinations in France, Italy, Marocco and Bahrain:
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Seawater Spa Gulf of Ajaccio, Seawater Spa Timi Ama, Seawater Spa Capovaticano, Seawater Spa Agadir, Seawater Spa Essaouira, Seawater Spa Bahrain Zallaq

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