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A forerunner and pioneer of thalassotherapy in France, Thalassa sea & spa has succeeded in harnessing the exceptional qualities inherent with a marine environment.


It is the fundamental natural environment of thalassotherapy, and its density in salt, mineral wealth and the abundance of trace elements make it a vital source with which to recharge the organism. Our sea water is collected out in the open sea then heated to between 31 et 35°C to facilitate the transfer of these all-important elements into the organism through the skin.

Marine mud

Marine mud is taken from the silt collected at low tide. Its therapeutic virtues come from the fact that it is saturated in oxygen, mineral salts, trace elements, vitamins and clay, and that it has the property of retaining heat and holding water.

Algae (sea-plants)

Sea-plants are collected fresh, stringently selected then introduced into thalassotherapy programmes by way of a process that fully respects their many qualities. Sea-plants are high-dose concentrates of minerals and vitamins that are essential to major biological functions. They are introduced into baths or applied as wraps, masks or cataplasms.

Air and climate

Sea air is pure and naturally charged with negative ions, so it conveys the beneficial substances of sea-water rather like an aerosol. The effects of a sea climate may be bracing, relaxing or soothing, depending on the coast-line.


To further enhance the beneficial effect of therapy, Thalassa sea & spa has chosen exceptional sites located in some of the finest regions of France and the world. Each stay is the opportunity to enjoy a healthy change of atmosphere and broaden cultural horizons.

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15 thalassotherapy and spa destinations in France, Italy, Marocco and Bahrain:
Seawater Spa Le Touquet, Seawater Spa Trouville, Seawater Spa Dinard, Seawater Spa Quiberon, Seawater Spa Île d'Oléron, Seawater Spa Biarritz, Seawater Spa Hyères, Seawater Spa Fréjus
Seawater Spa Gulf of Ajaccio, Seawater Spa Timi Ama, Seawater Spa Capovaticano, Seawater Spa Agadir, Seawater Spa Essaouira, Seawater Spa Bahrain Zallaq

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