Purity and Detox Rituals


With only a matter of days before the sunny months arrive, why not spend them pampering yourself? 

Want to drive out the toxins that built up over the winter and let your body breathe? Treat yourself to a Detox Ritual and reactivate your entire body.

Want to feel rejuvenated in no time, with the help of an expert? Don't wait any longer! Indulge yourself from your head to your feet with a Purity Ritual.

Our 7 destinations

  • Thalassa Le Touquet

    Thalassa Le Touquet

    Chic villas, dunes and golden sandy beaches stretching as far as the eye can see...
    The very best in seawater and spa treatments.

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  • Thalassa Trouville

    Thalassa Trouville

    Just two hours from Paris, the rebirth of a legendary seaside resort.
    Thalasso reinvented in a unique setting...

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  • Thalassa Quiberon

    Thalassa Quiberon

    A journey to the end of the world in Morbihan...
    High-quality treatments using brands renowned for their benefits.

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  • Thalassa île d'Oléron

    Thalassa île d'Oléron

    Off the coast of Charente-Maritime lies an island of untamed natural beauty.
    Made-to-measure treatments guaranteeing a deep feeling of well-being...

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  • Thalassa Biarritz

    Thalassa Biarritz

    Between the sky and the ocean, the city and the mountains, this is a very special location.
    Expert personalized treatments - the very definition of excellence.

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  • Thalassa Fréjus

    Thalassa Fréjus

    The ideal surroundings for letting go of your everyday routine and restoring inner harmony.

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  • Thalassa Golfe d’Ajaccio

    Thalassa Golfe d’Ajaccio

    Aromas of the Mediterranean, a superb view over the bay of Ajaccio.
    A very special place that will take your breath away...
    An invitation to discover the scents of this island of beauty.

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